•Our farm is located here.  The area belongs to the National Agriculture Reserve (RAN) and a portion of the 70 hectares property is irrigated by the Mira water channel net. It is divided in two zones, with 18 hectares and 12 hectares each, separated by a 100 metres width strip for biodiversity protection and an all surrounding bio-safety zone.

•Having been just used just as cattle ranch for years , the property was a grazing place for livestock, using flooding irrigation from the Mira water channel.

•We preserved every water stream, we protected the existent tree varieties, we did not make any soil levelling and we kept the original land shape. We also preserved an abandoned archaeological site for which is planned some improvement.

•Aside from the biodiversity strip we plan to develop new plantation areas, using traditional varieties from the region.




AGR 4.0.jpg

We believe in the 4th agriculture revolution. We use all technological available innovations to ensure a better agility, autonomy, connectivity and integration in the productive and management processes, as fundamentals for a responsible production.



The remote monitoring of all operations in real time is key to reducing wastes and costs. By using a huge net of fixed and portable probes, drones and geo-referencing devices, we avoid the presence of a manager in the field, which has a great impact in all steps of the production process.



Throughout Agriculture 4.0, we obtain all key and timely information and the decision making process it’s easier and reliable.  AgroAnalitica is supporting Inspire Farms regarding precision agriculture.



We apply the scientific knowledge in agriculture techniques accommodating the production increase process with the Environmental Impact reduction, in strict compliance with the rules and preserving the environmental quality of the area where we are located.




Our plants are provided from one of the best plants nursery in the world, with high Quality Management Standards complying with UNE-EN-ISO 9001, 14001 e 45001.

All plants have a phytosanitary passport CEE EU 29-0015.



We use water provided by the Mira water channel, within the imposed restrictions, and supplement it with duly-licensed boreholes. We precisely calculate the amount of water needed, and, using micro-drippers, we manage to irrigate the plants and not the soil, delivering water and nutrients straight to the roots and minimizing costs. 

Each plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it. 

Minimizing water waste, we reduce soil run-off, leaching, and evaporation. 

With precision irrigation, we reduce the usage water and fertilizers by a large amount.



We understand the soil differences adapting the watering needs according with each type, each capacity to retain the water and its permeability.

The combination of all this data with the atmospheric conditions it is possible throughout a huge net of sensors and probes permanently measuring soil humidity in depth and meteorological stations.

These devices permanently send data in real time which grants a great reliability in watering control.


The water flow is always controlled, measured and recorded. It always available for consultation.


We know exactly how much water we are using and how much we have consumed.




The products we use are carefully stored in deposits suitable for each type and by using retention tanks. All equipment is designed specifically for the necessary quantities, guaranteeing the solidity necessary to avoid spillage.  

Interfacing is fully automated through the irrigation system, sparing the need for human intervention. 

The use of insecticides and herbicides is extremely controlled and always supervised. Herbicides is only used as a weed killer when it is impossible to eliminate with mechanical removal.

Inspire Farms uses it negligibly and its application is done in accordance to all safety measures, with optimal meteorological conditions (windless and dry weather) and using micro sprayers with protection skirts.

Thereby,  we ensure minimal applications in very restricted areas. We expect to use it use just during the first 3 years, while plants own development do not prevent the weed growing under the tree tops.




Farmer installation, including plantation and support facilities, was done in strict accordance to all laws and regulations. Licences and assessments were obtained from all official authorities: Direcção Geral de Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural (DGADR), Direcção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas do Algarve (DRAPALG), Entidade de Gestão da Reserva Agrícola Nacional (RAN), Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA), Associação de Beneficiários do Mira (ABM), Câmara Municipal de Odemira (CMO), Direcção Geral de Geologia e Energia (DGEG).  




Fertilisation Plan and Watering Plan, as well as all phytosanitary products application records, including each type, active substance, commercial designation, quantity and batch, are available for consultation in our farm.